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What's New in the New Version of SIGAWMS

This module has undergone a significant business evolution in order to serve new functionalities through the implementation of several improvements.

Continuous Release

The main update packages and data dictionary with adjustments for the TOTVS Logistics WMS product - Protheus Line are now available.

Some Innovations Provided in Release 12.1.27
  • Change in the current WMS supply process.Read morelink
  • Change in supply by percentage of replacement to avoid breaking FIFO.Read morelink
  • Process for recalculating the second mesurement unit.Read morelink
  • New parameter MV_WMSNPCP, which prevents the verification of products that are not included in the selected input documents.Read morelink
  • Inclusion of the 'Company' and 'Unitizer Identifier' fields in the import of initial balances load via TXT.Read morelink
  • New option that allows the transfer of blocked inventory balanceRead morelink
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