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  • Resolution 5862 - Generation of CIOT

    What is the positioning of SIGATMS in relation to the specifications of ANTT resolution 5.862? Click here andRead morelink

  • Technical Note 2020.001 - Integrated MDF-e

    SEFAZ recently published Technical Note 2020.001 related to Integrated MDF-e (Model 58). It is already available for testing in an approval environment since 3/18/2020. Changes planned for this release are listed below: The MDF-e Schema Changes and Validation Rules package (predominant product, load capacity and contractor information); Changes in the Road Modal Schemas, in the infANTT group. Click here andRead morelink

  • Resolution 5873 - Generation of CIOT for All

    ANTT published Resolution 5.873 in the Official Gazette of March 11, amending Resolution 5.862, of December 2019, which regulated the registration of the transport operation to generate the Transport Operation Identifier Code, known as CIOT for All. With the change, this period becomes 90 days, counting from March 11, 2020. That is, the adjustment can be made until June 9, 2020. The new resolution is already in effect, source ANTT. Click here andRead morelink

Life Cycle

We are always evolving our routines. Find out which ones will soon be discontinued or replaced.

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A new TOTVS product page is available, in which we highlight the improvements in the releases for this solution. Check out the news!

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  • Configure your Protheus Help Center. With it, when you press the F1 screen, you will have the list of documents with the subject related to the routine, click:Read morelink
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