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Important News
  • Release 12.1.25

    As of Release 25 of Protheus, the automatic numbering will be mandatorily done through the License Server.Read morelink

Follow our Continuous Release package

The Continuous Release package will contain the accumulated patch from the module sources with all published changes up to the date of generation of this package.

Know our tips

Follow our module FAQs, where you will find additional information by theme.

Life Cycle

We are always evolving our routines. Know which ones will soon be discontinued and replaced.

Standard Support Service Guideline
  • Here you will find, in one place, several channels and support information, so as not to miss any action or convenience provided by TOTVS Support to you! Check out the link: Read morelink
Help Center Page
  • See the latest news and updates provided by the Maintenance of the module Read morelink
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