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Important News
  • Event to Clarify Doubts about MP 936 on Termination

    On August 24, at 2 pm, an event will take place to clarify doubts about MP 936 on termination. Save to your calendar. If you are asked for a meeting password, enter: mp936. No registration is required. On the day and time of the event just click on:Read morelink

  • Extension MP 936 - LAW No. 14,020, OF JULY 6, 2020

    The period of suspension and reduction of the employment contract in relation to MP 936 has been extended, see the document prepared by Segment Consulting, click on:Read morelink

  • MP 936 and Transmission of Event S-1200 to eSocial

    In case of discrepancies in the calculation of INSS values made by RET, due to the reduction of salary in the calculation of the advance. Access our centralized page at the following link and search for: MP 936 and Transmission of Event S-1200 to eSocial.Read morelink

  • Latest Important Updates - Provisional Measure 936 - Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance Program

    Stay tuned for the latest releases of the BEM Layout available on our page. It is important to keep up to date. Click:Read morelink

  • Why UPGRADE to Release 12.1.27?

    It is now much easier to upgrade the TOTVS Backoffice (Protheus Line). You know why? No? Participate in this online event and stay on top!Read morelink

  • RAIS 2020 - Links and FAQs

    Questions about RAIS? We created a page to centralize information about the product and procedures for generation.Read morelink


    Questions about the new INSS table, calculation methods and updates? Access our page and stay on top of all changes in your system. Click:Read morelink

  • Thirteenth Salary in eSocial

    Questions about the First and Second Installments related to the Thirteenth Salary in eSocial? We have created a page containing information about settings and the most frequently asked questions. Be sure to access it.Read morelink

  • Change in the Release Process

    In order to simplify our release process and ensure higher quality in our product with daily runs of our test robot, we began to carry out the weekly release of changes/fixes that correspond to the routines of reports, registrations and files of legal obligations. As of November, these updates will be included only in the package called HR Continuous Release, which is released weekly with cumulative implementations, thus being available for search in our download center. Updates referring to payroll, termination, vacation, SEFIP and eSocial calculations continue with one-off package releases.Read morelink

  • Need for customization adjustments related to averages

    Due to the evolution of the product, changes have become necessary that may have an impact on their customization of averages. If you have customizations, be aware of these changes and plan to revitalize them with these new requirements. For more information:Read morelink

  • Need for customization adjustments related to provisions

    Due to the evolution of the product, changes have become necessary that may have an impact on their customization of provisions. If you have customizations, be aware of these changes and plan to revitalize them with these new requirements. For more information:Read morelink

  • Expiration of Release 12.1.17

    Please note that Release 12.1.17 expires at the end of 2019. Schedule your approval and update period as soon as possible. More informationRead morelink

  • Menu of module SIGAGPE Release 12.1.25

    A link for updating the MENU has been made provided in the download center for customers who are on release 12.1.25.Read morelink

  • Labor Proceedings

    We are reformulating access to the proceedings covered by the Labor Proceedings module (SIGAAPT) in order to effectively treat it as another HR operation. In this context, it will be discontinued, and all of its features will be migrated to the Personnel Management module (SIGAGPE) through specific menu options. The initial forecast for the completion of this process is August/2019.


    The Federal Government recently released the options for Inclusion, Edition and Deletion of events directly on the eSocial portal. TOTVS advises its customers to always centralize changes in the source system (HR) to avoid any incompatibility of information and future inconsistencies.

New MY HR APP Hotsite

The application that will bring even more mobility to your HR. Discover our new hotsite and have access to the new features and benefits that the MY HR APP can bring to you.


On the Customer Portal, the Chatbot is available with information about the Medicine module aimed at SST eSocial events. Be sure to consult and clarify your doubts!


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News Section
  • A new calculation alternative was created to generate the posting of the 14th salary for the provision.Read morelink
  • Base Diagnosis. Do you know the Base Diagnosis? If not, check out this new product that will assist you in evaluating information from your HR environment. Enjoy, as it has been enhanced with new features! Get more information about the tool.Read morelink
  • Several functionalities and process improvements were made available involving the termination routine. We can highlight the bond of Securities x Terminations, demonstration of the Original Value in the Complementary Termination and the possibility of calculating Terminations with Multiple Processes. Be sure to use these new options! Check it out on our TDN page!Read morelink
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  • Error Log on the system? Want to know if we already have a fix? See our solutions page for error log. Just inform the start of the error in "Search ", if there is a solution, a direct link to the package will be presented for download.Read morelink
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