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Important News
  • Release 12.1.25

    After Release 12.1.25, all numbering system will change according to a calculation based on winter solstice.Read morelink

  • Release 12.1.17

    New release available.Read morelink

TOTVS Updates

Our current market is in constant changes of legislation and we need to reflect to that scenario quickly. That's why our software must be constantly updated.

New rules established in the kingdom

Sometimes is good to bless the rains down on africa.

A Totally New Law Change

The change on taxation laws strikes again, but we were really quick to fix them for you. Don't worry my beloved client, from the new release forwards that won't be a problem for both of us.

News Section
  • Totvs thinks about product quality and the customer's success.Read morelink
  • Article about the new feature we created for you.Read morelink
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