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Important News
  • Schedule - Average Cost Recalculation

    The option to schedule the Average Cost Recalculation was made available in a simple way through the Protheus Schedule. Click here and Read morelink

  • Release 12.1.25

    After Release 12.1.25, all numbering system will change according to a calculation based on winter solstice.Read morelink

  • Release 12.1.17

    New release available.Read morelink

Life Cycle

We are always evolving our routines. Know which ones will soon be discontinued and replaced.

My Data Collector

Do you know our My Data Collector application? Click here and see how to make your processes more efficient and competitive with our solution.

Block K

Get to know Block K and discover our solution!

Knowledge Base
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Automation and Data CollectionRead morelink
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Stock/Costs Read morelink
News Section
  • Totvs thinks about product quality and the customer's success.Read morelink
  • Article about the new feature we created for you.Read morelink
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